Gina Glocksen is best known as the 9th place finalist of the 6th season of the mega-hit television show American Idol. Although Gina was often referred to as the ‘rocker chick’, her musical influences and abilities range far beyond the realm of rock. Gina’s original music infuses the passion and attitude of a rock n roll rebel with precision and soul of the modern ‘diva’. Since her time on Idol, Gina has toured North America on the American Idols Live Tour and continues to perform around the country showcasing her original music.

While on the show, Gina’s genuine candor and charming wit made her a favorite of millions and it has helped her to continue her career in entertainment as a co-host on the FOX Reality show ‘American Idol Extra’.

In addition to working in television singing is still Gina’s first passion. Gina is hard at work writing and recording her original music with the help of many great musicians that she has met along the way. Gina plans to have her first songs available sometime in the summer of 2008.

Glocksen’s captivating personality and edgy style have helped the world to see that this girl is a talent that can not be ignored.