Gina Glocksen


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:: Ballroom with a Twist - Living Arts Centre - Mississauga, ON

This is an AMAZING SHOW!!!  The most incredible dancing you will ever see (and the singing is pretty great too! :)
Please come out and see it if we are near you!  I PROMISE you wont be disapointed.

2 Shows:  2:00 and 7:00

WE'RE COMING HOME!!!! JW Holsteins never disappoints us and never fails to make us feel like rockstars!!  Come one, come all and then after the show, we'll see you at O.S!!!!!
:: GGB @ The Lodge at Four Lakes
Let's out-do our last show here!  The last time we were here, it was one of our best shows to date and it's all because of YOU!!!  Maybe Gina will be off of her "no drinking" rule and actually get messy!!!!
:: GGB @ 115 Bourbon Street
YEAH BUDDY!!!   We're back in the sports bar at 115 Bourbon Street!  Come drink, dance, drink, sing, drink, drool over Kenny....and drink some more!!!
:: GGB @ 191 South in Mokena
WE'RE BACK!!!  It's been a year since we've played 191 and we excited to be back! with a whole bunch of new songs!!!!  COME PARTY!