My First blog

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HI EVERYONE! Welcome to my new website. What do you think? I am so happy with the way everything turned out. I wanted a website that reflected my personality and I think its safe to say we did it. I’ll be bloging as often as I can to let you all know whats going on. Please check out the guestbook and say hi to me and everyone else in there. It’s empty right now, but I’m hoping it will fill up soon. Do me a HUGE favor and spread the word about the website being ready.

Tell everyone about ROCKTHEGLOCK.COM!!!

I know what some of you are thinking. . . where is your original music? I promise you it is coming soon! I am currently working on several songs in the studio right now and the recording process is going great. Unfortunately I didn’t have major record labels beating down my door so I’ve had to do this on my own, but it will be worth the wait. There’s a ballad, some pop, and of course some ROCK! I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready. In addition to recording I’ve been really busy out here in LA. Co-hosting American Idol Extra was SO much fun and although TV is great, performing live is my biggest passion and I’ve been getting to do that a lot as well. I’ve been all over the place (Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York) and now I get to go to Afganistan in August. WHAT!?! AFGHANISTAN? I know, I know. . .it sounds a little scary but I am so pumped. It will be me, Justin Guarini, Brandon Rogers, and Nadia Turner visiting our nation’s REAL IDOLS for 10 days. Before I ship off to the middle east I get to enjoy 2 weeks performing in the city by the bay. I’m really excited to go to San Francisco and sing with Michael Orland again (pianist from American Idol). Check out the EVENTS page for all the shows and appearances I’ll be making. I met so many great friends on tour last year and I hope I get to see all of you again soon.

I gotta run, but I’ll blog again soon!

Love, Gina