Gina Glocksen


:: 2012.02.07


 First of all, we all want to thank you for an AMAZING YEAR!  It really says a lot about our fans that even though we don't play that often, you never cease to amaze us with the turnout at our shows!  

A lot has happened over the past year!  Kerry (guitar) has a girlfriend (Hi Kara)  Kyle (guitar) and his wife Christina had a baby girl (Hi Taylor) Kris 'Gutty' (drummer) and his wife Jody found out that they're expecting baby number 3!!  Joe is becoming more educated in his real job and working harder than ever and Gina's "Ballroom With A Twist" show is touring all over the place.

We're also so lucky because not only does GGB have one amazing drummer, we now have TWO!!!  INTRODUCING.....KIP SERENA!!!  Kip has been wonderful enough to alternate gigs with Gutty so he can be the best father and husband he can be!  We've developed such a supportive and amazing family within the GGB circle.  We're so honored to have such talented musicians and dedicated fans!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!  ROCK!